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SCC Auto Performance isn’t your average shop we can do it all at great prices.


Free Quotes . Pick up and Drop Off Available . Tune-ups . Alignment . Oil Change . Diagnostics . Exotic Car Major Services . Brake service . Clutch service . Engine flush . Cooling systems/Air Conditioning . Suspension . Transmission repair . Vehicle Storage. Fleet Management . Exotic Car Rental Fleet And More…


Street, Track or Sleeper. You tell us what your goal is and we can put a package together that’ll turn your vehicle into a true beast. From Super Chargers to Twin Turbo systems we can get you there.


Ride height is important for both looks and function. Some enthusiasts want suspension modifications for the handling and control benefits. Others want to lift their vehicle for all terrain and off-road use. Lowering or raising your ride with suspension mods will transform your vehicle from feeling floaty and disconnected to being stable and confident!


Is your Ferrari just not screaming like you had hoped? Replacing your stock exhaust system is the best way to let your vehicle’s sound really come out while gaining horsepower and losing weight at the same. Whether its for your Ferrari Lamborghini or other make SCC AUTO PERFORMANCE  has the right exhaust for you!


Are you looking to refresh you interior or are you finishing up a restoration project? We have the tools to finish your project right.


From minor dents and dings to a paint refresher or even more serious collision damage, you can count on our ASE-certified technicians to handle it all. 


Looking to buy that dream Ferrari, Lamborghini or other Exotic you need a PPI done to avoid a nightmare. Our team at SCC AUTO PERFORMANCE will perform an inspection at the seller’s location, taking photos and notes of the car’s condition. You get a full report to get peace of mind over your purchase.


Whether you’re shopping for a specific brand or need expert guidance, SCC Auto Performance will fit your ride with the exact wheel/tire combo needed. From everyday driving to track ready wheels and tires we can do it all.


Do you wish you could change the color of your car as much as you do the rest of your wardrobe? Wraps are here to provide you a color change, an amazing matte finish or even an incredible way to market our product and company.

Are you looking for a more cost effective alternative to a complete or accent paint job? Does your business need a traveling promotional billboard? A vehicle wrap is your solution!

Our creative and experienced wrap experts can handle anything from one color to the most complicated designs. We only use the highest quality materials available.

What our Client’s have to say

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